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Welcome to Comparlo your price comparison and reviews portal. Search for information on products and services, comment, compare and read reviews to help in your purchase decisions.

When you want to compare prices there are now many UK price comparison sites so what is different here at Comparlo? Well, Comparlo is an information service that is totally free. We aim to publish information that will help you in your comparison shopping. We don’t sell anything and we currently don’t compare prices for products but what we do is set out useful articles that we hope will give you a detailed understanding of the area you are shopping in so that you can make informed purchase decisions as well as get the best and cheapest deals available on the Internet. Price comparison services provide a blend of online shopping and services reviews and deals and we provide the background information that will make your task a little easier. We are a not for profit website so we make no moey from providing the information within this website. As a thank you please like us and share our Website with your friends.

This site is also what you might call a “Social” site since its visitors and particularly those that register with the site drive the best product and service articles to the attention of other visitors as well as their friends.

In the future this site will offer much more than just price comparison. Share lists of the best and the worst retailers, products or service providers. In fact share product info, retailer and service provider information. Participate in sharing the best online and offline product information and deals as well as save money when you compare the variety of deals available.

Our consumer reviews offer unbiased and informed views on a huge variety of online products and services. Participate in the action by registering and submitting a review or list. The most liked or useful reviews and lists will be voted for monthly by the site’s registered members. If you win the vote you also win a prize!

UK Online Shopping Comparison Made Simple

The traditional shopping experience involves 3 key stages: ‘

Firstly, you are likely to browse a product or service sector to get an idea of what is available.

Second, you will probably then go and research the products you have shortlisted by reading reviews on them.

Thirdly, you are likely to then go and compare prices for the product or service and decide on your retailer.

This process is fractured and involves a lot of navigating around the internet. Here at Comparlo you have everything you need in one place. Unlike most price comparison or online shopping sites we list branded products that are available across multiple retailers and also products that are exclusive to one retailer. Look out for the “Exclusive to” icon in the top right of the product images. Sometimes there is only one retailer for a product so why not give you the chance to check it out whilst you browse for your products? There is no reason and that is why we take the largest selection of products and services we can identify. We take the exact retailer specification info and present it to you just as a standard online shop would do. But we then include price comparison and reviews to save you going elsewhere to read up on your shortlisted products or services.

Comparison Shopping and Deals

We focus on comparison shopping to get you the best prices on a massive range of products but we know that many visitors want to get honest reviews for products that they are interested in so that they can make informed pruchase decisions. Therefore as well as comparison tools and great deal finder tables we feature customer reviews as well. We cover a huge range of products from shavers to bikes to cheap perfume and mens aftershave together with a massive range of products in between. All of our reviews are contributed by our website visitors and we make sure that the most useful reviews (good or bad) rise to the top of the reviews lists. This is where we rely on our visitors. By “liking” a review you are confirming that it is useful. The most liked reviews go to the top of the review list. Many sites provide an “Expert” review. How expert can someone who has never touched the product be? All of our reviews are from individuals who have purchased the product and service and so are talking from their own direct shopping experience.

Online Shopping With Confidence

Knowing that you can shop, review and compare all in one place means you can shop quickly and with confidence. You can purchase knowing that you have made an informed purchase and that you have found the best price available. The days of buying something online only to find it available cheaper elsewhere will soon be gone. Also in the not too distant future you will be able to compare the online price to the cheapest local offline shop in your area. Watch out for more information on this as we progress development. We are aiming to launch this aspect of our service towards the summer of 2011. For now you can get information to help your purchasing decisions. Have a look at some of our popular sections such as tablet pc deals to get the latest deal on a new tablet pc. Or the section on mobile broadband deals if you are looking for an internet dongle to get internet on teh go for your new tablet.

Reading reviews from actual consumers before you buy will reduce the chance of you making an online purchase only to find that the product does not live up to the description and sales literature.

Internet Shopping Redefined

Gone are the days of browsing back and forth across the web to find what you want or that elusive something that you didn’t even know you wanted. By presenting all of the products featured within this website in a traditional online shop style it makes it easier for you to browse products by category. Choose a product, or a collection of them, and then compare prices for those products (or services) without having to leave the website. Once you have decided which online retailer you will buy from you then just need to click the “Visit Site” link and you are taken directly to the internet page from where you can buy the product or service. The range of products that we cover is huge. For the home and garden we cover everything from lawnmowers to mens shavers and a huge array of products in between.

But Don’t Forget Services Comparison!

But do remember that it is not all about online shopping price comparison. We compare and review services and service providers too. From our money section where you can compare credit card offers such as the many 0 interest credit cards to loans, to our insurance section where you can find the best deal on your car insurance. Then there is our tradesman review sector where you can compare reviews for a huge variety of tradesmen and soon you will be able to compare quotes once we launch our tradesman marketplace. Our aim is to establish the UK’s first comparison portal where you can compare and research any type of product or service that can be compared or reviewed. As our site grows visitors will be able to add products or services that are not already within our comparison database. This will enable the site and the breadth of the products and services covered to grow organically. In the meantime you will find a range of information on this site that is designed to keep you informed about comparison shopping and how to best compare prices online and identify the most suitable reviews.