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Use this site to decide what kind of squash racket you require, then compare what's on offer and read reviews to get the best deal.

Sports like tennis, squash, and badminton all have a certain type of racket meant for the game. Since one is trying to effect a different reaction based on the ball or birdie type, it means you have to have the right racket for the sport. You wouldn’t want to bring a tennis racket to a squash game. Given the fact that squash rackets come in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes you want to compare the available brands and products.

Our website makes it easy for you to compare different squash racquets. Instead of being a place that sells sports equipment, we are your answer for comparing a variety of different products and services based on need. We help you figure out how to compare products and service to keep you from wasting money. You have probably been in a situation where you spent a few pounds and realised within a month that it was money wasted because you had to go out and buy a better quality product.

Squash Racket Prices

The decisions you make with regards to sports equipment are imperative to the enjoyment of that sport. The wrong squash racket would mean working harder to provide the same winning response. The first step to take in buying the right squash racquet is to determine your budget. Your budget should be a range rather than a set price. For example, you might have at least 50 pounds to spend. This will direct you towards the rackets which fit that price range. In this way you can find the materials, weight, and other factors that make the difference between low end and perhaps medium end products. Price will vary depending on the professionalism of the racket, thus you need to have a budget in mind as you begin your search.

Squash Racket Weight

Price is just one variable and should not be the most important. Weight is a more important factor to consider. Weight determines how the ball will fly in squash. Women tend to go with a lighter weight racket, as do younger players because it places less strain on their arm. It is also going to provide more control rather than power. Heavier rackets can cost you with control, especially if your arm has less muscular strength.

As you work up towards gaining more muscle strength you can increase the weight of the racket. Speak with a professional trainer too before you buy cheap squash rackets at the proper weight. A professional may be able to suggest a weight range with which you would be more comfortable. Consider also attending a gym and playing a few games with different rackets. Renting a racket is the best way to test out your options, without buying the wrong one.

Material like tennis rackets varies from carbon, graphite and boron to wood or other metals. There are even rackets designed from Kevlar, which are seen as highly comfortable for some. Titanium is a blend that is also popular given its strength but light weight material. Material has everything to do with the durability of the racket. Wood, which was used before metals came into play, could break or warp which meant they were less durable.

Size & Shape for Squash Rackets

Within these comparison points is the need for balance. Squash rackets can be head weighted, handle weighed, or even. Head weight has more power behind the hit, while the handle weight gives you more control. Obviously an equally balanced creation will have a balanced combination. Balance determines how much you work when swinging the racket. A head weight racket means your arm will strain to hold up the weight, where as the handle balance is closer to your arm and thus there is less pressure.

Most professionals like an even balance to have the best of both when it comes to a hit. Squash rackets for sale can be found through a variety of online and offline sports equipment shops. Above we mentioned the necessity for you to test out a couple of brands by renting a racket. Once you have done this you can compare different costs of your favourite racket. You can also rely on other tools to help you make a great decision.

Squash Racket Reviews

This site has user or visitor reviews. These reviews are biased in that they tell you the positive and negative aspects of squash rackets. The user has insider knowledge regarding the product that an expert review cannot provide. From the user perspective you may find out more about the racket such as if it lived up to the advertising or hype. You do not want to base your entire decision on user reviews though, as the user may have had an improper racket for their arm and experience. It pays to be able to read what is in a review, as well as what is not.

Expert reviews do have their place. In an expert review of a specific racket you may learn more about that particular brand and style than you would otherwise. Most expert reviews go in depth with the information you need to concern yourself with regarding brand, style, size and all of the points we made above for how to compare squash rackets.

The more information you can obtain about these rackets or any sports equipment, the better your decision will be. This site also ranks products based on popularity. A popular brand or model of squash racket might be just the thing for you to purchase. It may not if the reason it is popular is all about price.